Border Protection

C4i Communication has successfully deployed camera systems for border security in many countries. Border protection systems must scan wide areas and identify targets in real time, determine whether the intruders are illegal immigrants or refugees, smugglers, terrorists or enemy forces. Border security requires round-the-clock, all-weather, long-distance, all terrain monitoring systems.

C4i Communication offers a number of thermal imaging camera systems that are seamlessly integrated into a variety of radar options providing situational awareness for threat assessment and identification using both visible and/or near infrared technology


Wide Area Radar

  • Fast and accurate target detection

  • Low false alarm rate

  • Wide choice of detection options (0.35 km up to 30km)

  • Over Ground / Water

    1. Vehicles up to 30 Km
    2. People within 10 Km



  • Continuous 24×7 coverage
  • Multiple sensor load options
  • Slew-to-cue and tracking for identification
  • Thermal imaging through both cooled and uncooled cameras
  • Visible / CCD and low light options
  • A number of 3rd Party Sensors already integrated


Command & Control

  • Provides a common operational image
  • Based on SIG
  • Displays camera and radar / tracking data
  • IP / analog video
  • Support 3rd part
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Coastal surveillance

C4i Communication offers a wide range of options for coastal surveillance and protection for coast guards, harbor masters or environmental protection agencies.

These product offerings provide capabilities to monitor a variety of coastal and maritime activities and have been deployed for different objectives including; surveillance of critical infrastructure, combating maritime piracy, drug smuggling, detection of small high speed craft, illegal immigration, environmental protection and assistance during rescue operations.

High definition camera – Low resolution camera – Miniature thermal cameras – Automatic tracking systems – Uncooled camera – Cooled systems

High definition camera

CAMEZOOM Zxx camera series

Low resolution camera

Range of cameras DARCAM-S3-NG

Miniature thermal cameras

Cameras range CAMIR-UC-300K

Automatic tracking systems

Camera CMOS-200

Uncooled camera

Camera CMOS-400 or CMOS-400/PTS

Cooled systems

Long distance vision camera

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Surface Radars emit waves that refract off of the ground or the sea, and are reflected, not only by Objects Of Interest (flying objects, ships, vehicles), but also by a large amount of noise and clutter (reliefs of land, buildings, vegetation …) or sea (waves, spray …).
This ground or sea clutter, and the low speed of movement of Surface Radars, distinguishes them from Airborne or Space Radars.
The result is different design choices are required, even if the following basic principles are the same:

  • Emission of an electromagnetic wave
  • Reflection of waves on targets of interest and on the environment
  • Rreception of reflected waves, the “echoes”
  • Processing to separate and distinguish targets of interest from background noise and other echoes
  • Summary presentation of results to an operator or control center.

C4I Offers a full line of radar options :

  • Short, Middle & Long Range Distance detection
  • Designed specifically for security applications :
    – Fully autonomous
    – Geolocation for slew-to-cue
  • All Radars are interoperable
    – TCP/IP solution
    – Complete Integration on mast, trailers, vehicles…
    – R = 150, 350, 850, 1200, 2500, 5000, 7500, 10 000 meters
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Land Systems – Radar

Ranger® R8SS

Man-portable FLIR Ranger® R8SS electronically-scanned, mid-range radars detect and track personnel and vehicles up to 18 kilometer ranges. Light and small, the Ranger R8SS provides best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance in a form factor that fits in a backpack or is easily mounted to a vehicle or permanent structure as part of an integrated solution.

Ranger® R6SS

The man-portable FLIR Ranger® R6SS is an electronic scanning, long-range radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 10-km range. Light and small, the Ranger R6SS provides best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance in a form factor that fits in a backpack.

Ranger® R20SS

The FLIR Ranger® R20SS is a ground and coastal surveillance radar specifically designed to detect and track personnel and vehicles within a 20-km range. With its solid-state electronic scanning capability and fast 2-Hz refresh rate, the Ranger R20SS delivers best-in-class target detection and acquisition performance.

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